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A sculpture consisting of two elements of figures resting on a paddling pool at the entrance to the Caesarea Industrial Park.

The statue is made of polished stainless steel 316 and is 840 cm high and the swimming pool is 60 cm high and 1300 cm in diameter.

The project was launched in January 2024.

Caesarea Industrial Park 2023

The artist's words

In my works as an artist, the theme of duality repeats itself in the various media - sculpture, painting, and drawing.

A couple is the essence of human drama. I'm trying to perpetuate the connection. The current statue was designed in a shape and dimensions that would inspire the observer and call the viewer to look to the sky.

The sculpture depicts two amorphous figures, their forms merge and flow smoothly as they emerge from a pool of water that reflects them and the sky. Their eyes are directed upward in contemplation of the future, better hopes, and aspirations.

This work not only enriches the environment but also invites viewers to ponder the mysteries of the universe.

Shlomo Katz

The sculpture after completion

work process

Visualization before execution for the client


900x1300x1300 cm

316 stainless steel

Artist: Shlomo Katz


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