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liberators Square

Liberation Square is a project in cooperation with the Municipality of Ramla to commemorate the central figures involved in the liberation of the city and Christians in local history. The sculptures are part of an architectural project and a facelift to the Municipal Memorial Park. The purpose of the complex - to create a historical marker that commemorates the history of the city in the establishment of the state and tells future generations the campaign to liberate the city and its environs, through the personalities who are commemorated in the statues - which are intended to serve as role models for youth and residents of the city. The characters rejected a figurative-classical style of double the size of natural, which gives them a monumental tinge.

2012, Ramla city

250x40x40 cm

 Hebron lime stone.

Sculpture in a realistic style.

Participating artists:

Shlomo Katz

Yuri Matzkin

Igor Brown

Ludmila  Wloshenko

Curator  - Shlomo Katz.

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