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"Art is not the fulfillment of an existing need, but the creation of a new need.
The world did not need Beethoven's 5th Symphony until he created it.
Now, we can not live without it. "
Lewis Kahn

Art has long been proven as a 'game-changer' in the space in which it is located.
Artistic elements in space - paintings, sculptures, installations, art-specific and more, raise the profile of a place.
Whether it is a residence, a hotel lobby, a building or an office - artistic elements immeasurably enhance the viewer's experience in the space.

For years we at ArtArena have maintained extensive relationships with international artists around the world. This connection allows you a new world of opportunities!
We are happy to give you a sample in our new catalog, which we have published especially for you.


Project under construction. Office building lobby. Height - 600 cm

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